At Okai, we have a rich history of developing state-of-the-art electric scooters for adults and teenagers since 2006. Specializing in mid-to-high level scooters, we equip e-scooter riders everywhere with the finest in electric scooter technology. 

We provide a variety of models to suit your every electric scooter needs. Ranging from the Okai EA10, Okai ES20, Okai ES50, Okai ES200 to Okai ES200D, ES400, ES400B, and the Okai ES500, we can provide something for every rider.  

You can trust us with your scooters. Let our record speak for itself. With impressive figures such as an astounding 5 million vehicles produced, 350 happy customers, and over 800 million trips taken, Okai is the best company for e-scooters. 

Still not convinced? Our free and fast delivery will wow you. Plus, we also boast localized customer support and a return & refund if you are not 100% satisfied. 

Keep reading on to learn more about our favorite products. 

Best Electric Scooters for Adults and Teenagers In Okai

Top Speed25km/h25km/h60km/h25km/h25km/h30km/h
Max Power700W500W1000/1800W700W600W700W

Choose the Right Electric Scooter with OKAI

Whether you’re looking for an e scooter for regular commute or an off-road electric scooter, Okai has it all.

Okai EA10Best Overall

Weight:28kgMaximum Speed:25km/hBrakes:Drum brake &electronic brake
Range: 35kmMaximum Power:700WTires:10-inch inflatable tubeless tires
Rated Power:350WMaximum Slope: 20%Maximum load :100KG

The EA10 is a terrific electric scooter with a seat. EA10 folds in a jiffy with no additional tools needed. This makes it an ideal vehicle for commuting and those living in apartments with small spaces.  

Colorful, bright, and convenient, this is a tremendous electric scooter for a teenager. If you’re looking for the best electric scooter with a seat, look no further than the EA10. 

With its antibacterial grip, cruise control, and three riding modes, the EA10 is an excellent scooter for adults who commute long distances. And because of the double brakes and taillights, this scooter ranks high in safety, too. 

The EA10 is versatile, safe, durable, and holds up well on long rides. Plus, the side reflectors ensure all angles visibility, and the extra-wide anti-skid deck and the wide handlebar give maximum scooter control, even during heavy rain. 

Okai ES20-Lightest Electric Scooter

Range: 40kmTires:8.5-inchMaximum Power:500W
Rated Power: 250WBrakes:Electronic & Disc Maximum Slope: 15%
Maximum Speed: 25KM/hMaximum Load: 100KGRiding mode:Non-zero start

Adjustable atmosphere lights, custom colors describe your color world, letting teens customize their own light experience.  

The ES20 also has built-in lights to warn the car of its presence, protecting safety day and night. Customized interface, enjoy the fun of interaction between people and vehicles anytime, anywhere.

This great e scooter design is an incredible option for electric scooters for adults or electric scooters for teenagers. 

Okai ES800 – Best for Speed

Range: 50kmTires:12-inchMaximum Power:1000/1800W
Rated Power: 500/1000WBrakes:oil disc brakesMaximum Slope: 30%
Maximum Speed: 60KM/hMaximum Load: 120KGBattery capacity:15.6Ah

With power and thrust that may be a bit much for novices, the Okai ES800 has everything you need whether you’re driving in the city, rural areas, or going entirely off-road.

The Okai ES800 is not a scooter for the faint of heart, but if you want to go further and faster on a high-strength aluminum alloy body, the Okai offers super endurance of up to 50 km+ in distance on a single charge. 

ES400B – Best for Safety 

Range: 55kmTires:Front 12″ / Rear 9″Maximum Power:700W
Rated Power: 350WBrakes:Electronic & DrumTire Type: Solid honeycomb tire
Maximum Speed: 30KM/hMaximum Load: 100KGBattery Type:Lithium battery

The ES400B e-scooter comes with some fantastic features, such as the ability to lock & unlock through both GSM and BLE 4.1, topple alerts, battery life of 55KM, and speed up to 30KM/H.

Blinkers are incredibly important when navigating the road. The more drivers know where you’re going, the safer you’ll be. The ES400B is a great electric scooter for teenagers because it excels at safety and comes equipped with both blinkers and lights. The ES400B also comes with the largest front wheel in the industry, keeping you stable even when you zoom over big pebbles or cracks. 

Plus, the swappable battery guarantees an extra level of safety and protection when you’ll never get stranded again. So, if you scoot home through dark streets, you’ll always be able to keep going even if one battery dies. 

Okai ES200-Best For Performance

Range: 45kmCharging time:7hMaximum Power:600W
Rated Power: 350WBrakes:Electronic & DrumMotor Control: DC brushless
Maximum Speed: 25KM/hMaximum Load: 125KGRiding Mode:3 riding modes

Get there faster with 25km/h top speed. Interested in an off-road electric scooter? Because of its powerful 700W front-wheel drive and torque of 22 N.m, you can break this scooter in all different environments – including as an off-road scooter. Be free of all constraints with its 15% hill climbing gradient. If you have a need for speed, the Okai ES200 packs a punch.

Okai ES500-Best For Commuters 

Range: 25kmTires:9.5inchMaximum Power:600W
Rated Power: 350WBrakes:Electronic & DrumMotor Control: DC brushless
Maximum Speed: 25KM/hCharging time: 2A < 6h / 3A<4hRiding Mode:2 riding modes

We’ve designed the Okai ES500 with your safety in mind. Its ultra-bright lights protect you and your scooter by boosting your visibility as you zoom through streets with low or dim light.

The Okai ES500 also boasts long-life tires and suspension, so you spend more time on the road and less time in the shop. Our sleek LED screen displays the essentials of speed, range, and battery level. Our distraction-free button allows you to control the headlight and power on/off so you can always keep your eyes on the road.

What to Look For When Buying an Electric Scooter with OKAI 

Looking for electric scooters to buy can be a challenging process. However, there are some tips to help make it a little bit easier. 

For example, you always want to make sure that the scooter you plan to buy has enough safety features to keep you safe on the road, especially if you’re looking for electric scooters for teenagers.

One of the main concerns with scooter riding is to protect yourself from cars, bikes, and other hazards. Ensure that the scooter has enough lights, strong breaks, and anti-topple capabilities to make sure you are always as safe as possible. 

Based on these details, we find that one of the best electric scooters for adults and teenagers is the EA10 for its top-tier safety features and its ability to do long trips. 

How We Test Electric Scooters at OKAI

Testing our scooters is just as important as the design and build. We need to make sure that every scooter not only works properly but is as safe as possible so that when you hit the streets, all you have to think about is the fun ride and the wind in your hair. 

Below is a list of how we test each e-scooter to ensure each one lives up to our code and safety standards.

Electric Scooter APP And Other Functional Tests

The fully charged electric scooter undergoes APP control tests, such as Bluetooth connection function, remote control of power on and off, and whether APP function switching can be performed during riding to determine whether it will cause safety hazards to the rider.

Driving Experience

The fully charged scooter is tested by different people on the same riding road. Based on each person’s riding experience, we summarize and judge a riding experience, including comfort, riding acceleration, starting response, climbing strength, shock absorption effect, etc.

Current Test

We test the various current values of the whole electric scooter on roads such as no-load, starting, constant speed riding, and climbing sections of the electric scooter, and check with the specification to see if it is within the required range.

Endurance Test

Our fully charged electric scooters are tested on the designated road according to the design requirements, and the riding mileage, constant current, and maximum speed are recorded.

Jitter Test

We administer riding tests under load on bumpy roads. It is necessary to observe whether each part of the electric scooter shakes or breaks. We mark all screws and fasteners before testing to keep track of any loose pieces that fail during our jitter test. 

Climbing Test

We test all of our scooters to make sure they pass climbing tests. According to the design requirements, our fully charged electric scooters will carry a riding and climbing test on the designated slope road with a load of 100kg.

How We Build Electric Scooters at OKAI

You may be wondering how we craft our electric scooters. With over 30 steps in quality control, design, market research, structure review, and more, each scooter is crafted to perfection to ensure you always get the best ride possible.

Why Buy Electric Scooters from OKAI

There are lots of great reasons to buy from Okai scooters. Not only are our designs superior to other scooter companies, but our speedy delivery, excellent customer service make us the best in class for all of your electric scooter needs. Allow us to be your one-stop-shop for all of your electric scooters.