How to Choose an Electric Scooter from Scooter Shops Near Me?

There are plenty of ways to get your hands on an electric scooter without going too far outside your hood. If you’re searching for “scooter shops near me,” you’ll find local stores, retail franchises, and online vendors. 

e-Scooters are excellent modes of local transport. They don’t require a driver’s license or the costs associated with owning a car. They’re easy to use, requiring only a little balance on your part.

Electric scooters are eco-friendly. Compared to cars and motorcycles, the greenhouse gas emissions from the e-scooter are minor.

Most of all, e-scooters are fun and great ways to get around. Skip the parking space and the bus fare or the trouble attached with getting through traffic. An electric scooter simplifies getting from points A to B with little fuss.


What follows are some quick ideas for finding a scooter shop near me, information about choosing a style that fits your needs, and some FAQs about electric scooters.

NOTE: We’re a team of riders who have spent many, many hours riding mile upon mile on e-scooters. Our people are familiar with every brand and model released since 2016. Our research encompasses ESG certified testing and an extensive hands-on focus on speed, range, hill climbing, and more.

Where to Find Electric Scooter Shops Near Me

Here’s where to begin your search.

Local Brick and Mortars

Depending on your area, there’s a good chance there’s a mom-and-pop electric scooter shop. Simply drop “electric scooter shop near me” into your favorite search engine and take it from there. 

Make sure you perform your due diligence beforehand. Know manufacturers and models, your level of expertise, your budget, and what you plan to use the scooter for. Go online and check out reviews about the store and the scooter.


Retail Giants

You can also go with a local chain like Target or Walmart. The only issue here is you need to have a greater understanding of e-scooters. These big stores may not be able to provide the specialized expertise you need before you buy.

As stated, these retailers aren’t the resource you can turn to if there’s an issue outside of a return. Your best bet for after-purchase counsel is the electric scooter shop. 

Otherwise, it’s understood if there’s an issue, you have to turn to the manufacturer. As we all know, this can be a tedious process and not one you want to go through. Especially when all you want to do is ride!


Online Purchases

e-Commerce is a sound solution when you’re looking for convenience. Almost every shop has some kind of online presence, and that includes vendors of electric scooters. You can undoubtedly go to Best Buy or Amazon or turn to online stores like Walmart and Target. 

You can also find many options with alternative sites like eBay and Alibaba. Many view the latter, in fact, as an e-scooter paradise.

Many manufacturers have their own e-scooter store websites. Make sure you’re buying genuine products from reputable companies. Some copycats simply don’t deliver on quality. Here are some of the top producers of electric scooters.

Choosing an Electric Scooter

We break e-scooters into these budget categories. Choose a level based on your expertise and budget.

Beginner e-Scooters – Less Than $300

These are highly affordable, but we can’t recommend them for anything outside of light or minimal recreational use. While there are many functional scooters in this category, many have low-capacity batteries, weak motors, and slight brakes.

Budget e-Scooters — $30–$600

These are shorter-distance scooters, great for a daily commute. Use them on smooth surfaces, and you want to stay away from steep hills. They’re lightweight so that you can carry them once in a while.

Mid-range e-Scooters — $600–$900

You get more range, a more substantial power source, and extra motor power. All this will be dependent on the final model, of course.

Premium e-Scooters — $600–$1,200

The premium scooter has larger motors, better braking, and bigger batteries. The ride is safer, more comfortable, and provides a much better range. Consider that these machines will be heavier.


Performance e-Scooters — $1,200–$1,600

The performance electric scooter has a greater distance (up to 50 miles) and ups the speed. Many have dual motors and features like semi- or full-blown hydraulics, tubeless pneumatic tires, turn signals, etc.

Supreme Performance e-Scooters — Greater than $1,600

These high-end scooters can run several thousands of dollars. If you exclude portability, you’re looking at the best performance the electric scooter has to offer. Powerful, massive dual motors, extreme ranges, disc brakes, top-tier suspension. They will be very heavy, though. Be sure you’re ready to lug up to 70 pounds or more if needed.


Here are some of the most asked questions concerning the e-scooter.

Where Can I Buy an Electric Scooter? 

You should land a range of options when searching “electric scooter shops near me.” You can buy e-scooters from the scooter store, large retail chains, and online. Know your budget, what you plan to do with your scooter, and what features best suit your riding purposes.

Can I Sell My Electric Scooter at a Scooter Store Near Me?

The pre-owned e-scooter market is enormous. Venues like eBay make reselling your electric scooter more accessible, but you can definitely turn to a local scooter store or used bike resellers.

A local electric scooter shop is most likely to buy your e-scooter back. Though you can expect the scooter store to do a thorough check for its motor condition.

What Makes Electric Scooters Eco-Friendly?

In some cities, gas powered scooters are a leading cause of pollution emissions, however with electric scooters this isn’t a concern. Because electric scooters operate on a rechargeable battery, they significantly reduce carbon emissions. Even if you consider the manufacturing and maintenance of electric scooters, they still have seven times less the carbon dioxide output than a car. 

Electric scooters also save energy. Many are made with fewer parts to replace, or features using recyclable energy. In addition, because they are so silent they cut back on noise pollution in cities.