Florida has the most exhaustive laws surrounding the concept of a street-legal electric scooter. You can ride a scooter on roads with a bike lane but must have a permit or driver’s license. That means people under 16 can’t ride electric scooters, but these laws give some recognition to an electric scooter for adults. Street legal electric scooter also needs to have lamps and reflectors in the state.

California also has laws that apply directly to regulating whether an electric scooter is road legal. The state calls them ‘motorized scooters,’ putting them in a different class than motor vehicles. The major difference is that you don’t need a driver’s license to ride one (although you still need to be at least 16 years old). The state encourages you to use bike lanes and paths but permits electric scooters on roadways whose speed limit is less than 25 mph.

Before buying an electric scooter for yourself, be sure to check your local regulations about what counts as an electric street legal electric scooter. As you can see, it’s different in every state and sometimes in different cities.

Read on to discover which of the many street legal electric scooter is best for you as an individual with your own needs, preferences, and style.

Product Comparison: Find the Right Electric Street Legal Electric Scooter For You

In this section, we’ve gathered some best scooters that are street legal in most jurisdictions and decided on the best electric scooter for adults. Street legal electric scooters are a big purchase decision, so you want to make sure you have all the information. Read on to get it.

Okai Neon – Overall Best Street Legal Electric Scooter for Adults

The Okai Neon is the perfect, all-around, street-legal electric scooter for people who need to zip around the city. Its stylish appearance and top-of-the-line features make it an appropriate vehicle for a night out on the town or a day at the office.

With the Near Field Technology (NFC) that keeps your scooter secure (the same tech that secures bank transactions and other sensitive exchanges of digital information), nobody will be able to take off with your ride even if they want to. There’s also an app that allows real-time monitoring of your scooter’s location.

  • The Stats

Max Range: 40 km+

Max Speed: 25 km/h

Weight Capacity: 100 kg

Tires: 12 in

Maximum power: 500 w

  • Pros

Incredibly easy to fold and unfold; it only takes 1 second

Connects to your phone for real-time tracking

The invisible shock-absorbing system makes for a smooth ride

Advanced security features that go beyond the industry standards

  • Cons

The attractive white paint isn’t stain-resistant

The tires aren’t particularly large

Okai EA10 – Best Reliable Street Legal Electric Scooter

For those who want an easy-to-ride, fashionable, and durable electric scooter, the Okai EA10 is a perfect choice. Made from high-quality components that will hold up to years of use, the designers of the EA10 kept the consumer’s tastes in mind by creating the option for personal customization of color and decals.

You’ll feel secure on the EA10, with its double brake system that uses both electronic braking and drum braking at the same time.

  • The Stats

Max Range: 35 km+

Max Speed :25 km/h

Weight Capacity:100 kg

Weight:28 kg

Tires: 10 in

Maximum power: 700 w

  • Pros

The scooter folds into a compact size that’s easy to transport

Secured using NFC technology and equipped with real-time tracking

The removable battery charges incredibly quickly

  • Cons

Assembling it out of the box can be difficult

Has some issues with splashing on rainy days

Advantages of an Street Legal Electric Scooter for Adults


The crucial advantage of an electric scooter for adults, street legal electric scooter especially, is convenience. In essence, you are packing a lot of extra speed into the small package of an electric scooter—think about one in comparison to a car. When it comes to short distances, it’s not only easier to make the trip on a street-legal scooter, it’s also much cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

A street legal electric scooter works particularly well in combination with public transport—you can ride it to the subway stop and then fold it and carry it onto the train.

As more and more people move into dense urban environments that are perfect for small, self-propelled vehicles like electric scooters, the reasons to travel any other way will seem more and more self-defeating.

Buying Guide 

Check out our buyer’s guide for the answers to any lingering questions you might have. 

What to Consider When Buying a Street Legal Electric Scooter 

Well, the first step is to make sure that the scooter you’re interested in buying is legal for the city that you live in. For instance, as we mentioned above, if you’re in Texas, you need to make sure that your electric scooter doesn’t have a top speed higher than 20 miles per hour or weigh more than 100 lbs.

You can easily verify this information on the manufacturer’s website, and doing so is the first step towards buying a road-legal electric scooter.

The next step is to look at the places you’ll usually be going on your scooter. Are there a lot of hills? Then you’ll want a scooter with lots of power. Will you be riding on nice, new asphalt or more rough terrain? In the latter case, you’ll want a more stable scooter with wider tires.

In fact, I’d say the best way to decide which electric scooter is best for you is to try some of them out. If you don’t have any friends with their own electric scooters, it’s a good idea to try renting some out to see how different models feel when you’re using them.

Tips for Riding A Street Legal Electric Scooter 


As fun as it is to ride a street-legal electric scooter, it’s important to remember that once you’re on public roadways, it’s not a game anymore. You are a part of the urban environment and must act safely and appropriately, just like someone driving a car has to.

That means you need to be familiar with how to maneuver and control an electric scooter. Luckily, most scooters on this list are pretty easy to ride and handle (except for the Okai Panther). However, make sure to familiarize yourself with all the features of your new scooter before taking on the road. Often, this means finding a safe place to practice.

Also, be sure to know and obey all the relevant traffic laws. This will keep you and everyone around you safe and sound.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Scooter

These are two of the most frequently asked questions about electric scooters.

What Does ‘First and Last Mile’ Mean?

‘First and last mile’ is an idea from an urban design that refers to the problem of getting people to and from the nodes of public transport networks. If you live a mile from the nearest public transport, you might feel tempted to drive instead of walking that entire mile. Unless you have an electric scooter, that is.

Is It Legal for Kids to Ride a Street Legal Electric Scooter?

In most jurisdictions, it is illegal for a child to ride a street-legal electric scooter. Generally, you’re required to be at least 16 years old. In some places, you even need a driver’s license to operate one on the road.


The diversity of people’s needs and daily commutes ensure that no one scooter can be called the best electric scooter for adults. Street legal electric scooters are, ultimately, functional vehicles that do a definite job by cutting down on the difficulty and length of people’s commutes.

Someone looking for a basic scooter to get them to and from local public transit will be well served by the EcoReco M5. On the other hand, if you’re planning on commuting for miles and miles on a scooter every day, a more complete machine like the Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter will serve you better.

However, all things being equal, we’d say the Okai Neon is the overall best street legal electric scooter for adults due to the quality of both construction and design.