Best Electric Scooter Accessories for You

The electric scooters, short for e-scooter, are great for daily commute. They are fast, reliable, and have a low cost per mile. 

The best thing about them is that they are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment. Before starting your e-journey, think about the accessories you may require to make your ride safe and smooth.

Here, we have gathered the top must have electric scooter accessories for you. It will help you take care of your electric scooter better.

Helmets Are a Must When You Are Riding an Electric Scooter:

The Helmet comes at number one in our list of the best electric scooter accessories. Electric scooters are much faster than non-electric scooters and are prone to accidents. 

The most common type of injury you suffer from a scooter fall is a brain injury. The only way to prevent this is by wearing a helmet while riding, as it protects your skull, face, and jaw.

Choosing the right helmet can be tricky. You should buy a good quality helmet to protect you from fatal accidents. If you like to travel with a speed of more than 20 mph, choose an e-electric or a motorbike helmet. 

These helmets are heavier than your regular helmets. The chin bar protects your head, teeth, and face. Make sure your helmet is a good fit on your face. Use a tape measure to get the circumference of your head and buy the helmet accordingly.

Glasses: Eye Protection 

The glasses are the second top accessory when riding an electric scooter. They offer eye protection from sunlight, rain, wind, and even insects. 

If you are driving at high speed, these factors can affect your vision and put your life at risk. So don’t miss out on this accessory, as it can save you from falling head straight on the road.

Eye sunglasses are a good choice to give your eyes protection. They fall under the cool electric scooter accessories as the lens comes in different tints or colors. The blue, black, or brown lenses work best for the bright sun. 

The bright blue lens is good for cloudy weather as they filter out blue light, making it easier to ride the bicycle. You can even buy glasses that come with swapping options for the lenses. The glasses with a good frame fit are also very important. 

If they are too loose, they might fall off, making you uncomfortable if they are too tight. Invest in the right sunglasses to give your eyes the protection they need.

Tire Sealant:

The tire sealant is also known as the tire slime. The slime is a must-have if you have pneumatic tires in your electric scooter. 

It’s effortless to use the slime, and the instructions are also written on the bottle. Apply the slime on your tires or squeeze some inside the tires. Then, pump it through the same valve used to inflate air from the tire. 

The tire sealant works wonderfully. When a sharp thing like a glass pokes your tire, the air pressure forces the slime out and into the puncture hole. Then slime, once filled in the puncture, seals it tightly, fixing the tire. 

Choose a brand that uses nontoxic materials while manufacturing the slime. The slime is usually very cheap and last up to two years. It’s a good investment for your electric scooter and comes under our best electric scooter accessories list.

Reflective Vest:

It may not be the best-looking clothing out there, but a reflective vest is the best accessory to wear while riding your electric scooter. You can easily wear it on top of your clothes as it comes in easy-fit sizes. 

The benefit of wearing a vest is that it will make you visible in front of the passing cars and vehicles. A 360-degree option vest is also a good option as it provides 360 reflectivities and visibility.

The pricing varies with the additional options present in the reflective vest. The options can include color-changing vests, or Reflective jackets are a more fashionable option out there, but they will cost you an arm and a leg. 

The reflective vest is an important product in our best electric scooter accessories. It can save your life during a fatal accident by providing visibility in weather conditions, day, or night.


Buying an electric scooter is the best decision you will ever make. They are reliable and cost-effective. Just make sure you buy all the accessories to make your ride smooth. Our top four best accessories for electric scooter are listed above. 

These accessories will ensure that you and your scooter enjoy a smooth ride free of danger and uncertainty.