OKAI Showcases Safe, Smart and Fun eBikes, e-Scooters and Smart Accessories at CES 2022

Visit us on Jan 5-8, 2022 – LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center) Booth No. 4671,West Hall.

To arrange a meeting during CES 2022 from Jan 5-8, 2022 – LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center) Booth No. 4671, West Hall, please email: [email protected] or arrange a meeting here.

Pomona California – Dec 15th, 2021 – OKAI, a global leader in light electric vehicles, will be back at CES 2022, the world’s largest technology event. OKAI will be showcasing the latest e-Scooters e-bike and smart accessories. Come visit us during Jan 5-8, 2022 – LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center) Booth No. 4671, West Hall.

“It’s great to be back at CES 2022. We are excited to talk with customers and media about our upcoming products which has evolved to include e-Bikes, e-Scooters and smart accessories with some of the most innovative and advanced features on the market.” said Jiangtao Lu, founder of OKAI.

capacity is around 120,000 units. OKAI also has world-class design and R&D centers producing some of the most modern and innovative designs in the industry. Headquartered in Hangzhou and offices in USA and Germany, OKAI has established strong partnerships with top brands in sharing micro-mobility industry and retail chains from around the world.

OKAI EA10 EA10: Stylishly Comfortable Mobility

Providing a smooth, comfortable ride with classically tailored good looks, the OKAI EA10 EA10 features a soft, wide cushioned seat that conforms to the shape of your body. We have also added shock absorbers, and 10″ tubeless pneumatic tires to further improve the scooter driving experience.

OKAI Neon ES20: Customizable, Portable and Street Smart

Combining best-in-class motoring power with the industry’s first completely customizable lighting system, the OKAI Neon ES20 has an unrivalled street attitude. Neon light banks installed on both stem and undercarriage mean you can select from thousands of colors to create a signature lighting look in moments. The OKAI Smart App allows riders to customize their vehicle on-the-fly, while also enjoying standard features such as lock and charging status.

OKAI EB20: Professional Carbon Fiber e-Bike

The ultra-light weight EB20, is OKAI’s first carbon fiber frame e-Bike with a first four-link soft-tailed model. The bike is powered with a 250W/750W mid-motor and driven by a 14.7ah Samsung cell battery. Equipped with a large 2.8-inch touch screen, riders can customize the ride and UI themes to make the commute more personable and fun. The EB20 is compatible with professional mountain bike parts from Shimano, Suntour, Tektro and more.

OKAI ES600: The Most Efficient Ride Share Electric Scooter

The ES600 includes the world’s first aluminum stretch integrated process frame for an electric scooter. It features a fast battery swap and hassle-free access for easy in-and-out battery replacement to allow the scooter more time on the road in addition to a smartly designed signal indicators, dual-frequency sub-meter positioning and RTK cm positioning, a colorful LED ring light to help users quickly identify and locate their scooter ride share.

OKAI ES800: Off-road Performance Electric Scooter

OKAI’s most powerful electric scooter featuring a dual-drive rated at 1000W enables speeds up to 60kmh / 37mph and a 35% incline climb capability. The ES800 utilizes 12-inch off-road tires with front single-fork hydraulic shocks and a double shock absorber at the rear wheel.

OKAI SP10: World’s Smartest Backpack

OKAI’s first smart backpack with an integrated fingerprint sensor and APP connectivity provide content security, an ultraviolet light to disinfect, and battery to keep things charged and on the go.

OKAI SH10: Innovative Smart Helmet

The world’s first smart interactive helmet with anti-bacterial materials. A technology driven Smart Helmet that will help make riding safer, smarter, and more hygienic. It features Bluetooth and APP connectivity to customize and configure the two large front and rear LED display for easy long-distance visibility. With an integrated speaker, riders can enjoy their personal playlists and still have audio awareness of their surroundings to ensure a safe ride.

About OKAI

OKAI is a globally recognized brand on a mission to change urban mobility as we know it. Empowering people everywhere to navigate cities, campuses, and communities in fun, safe and simple ways, OKAI addresses the ‘first and last mile’ problem, manufacturing and retailing world class light electric vehicles that redefine mobility.

Impact your life, not your carbon footprint.