OKAI Electric Scooters: Introducing the OKAI EA10 and the Neon ES20

OKAI’s EA10 and ES20 Neon environmentally-friendly electric scooters are hitting the scene with considerable fanfare. These electric scooters have a chic aesthetic and provide the utility riders need.

The OKAI EA10 Seated Electric Scooter

Take one look at the OKAI EA10 and you will agree it has a timeless design that is visually striking. This minimalistic-looking scooter is diminutive in size yet powerful, reliable, fun, and comfortable. Whether you need an electric scooter to get around town or are on the lookout for an electric scooter that is comfortable for long rides, the OKAI EA10 seated electric scooter is up to the challenge.

Featuring impeccable balance and unparalleled comfort, the EA10 maximizes both feel and control when riding through the city, commuting across town to get to work or simply joy-riding when the sun is shining bright. Press down on the seat and you will find it is soft yet supportive enough with just the right level of resistance to keep you comfy on the journey.

The EA10 is highlighted by 10-inch pneumatic tires that absorb shocks from the road, enhancing your comfort, and providing an invaluable peace of mind. The EA10 is also engineered with a battery that you can swap out to extend the ride time quickly while reducing your wait for a full charge.

The compact OKAI EA10 packs plenty of power. The EA10 can climb inclines up to a 20% grade thanks to its 350W power motor with a 560W peak power. You can traverse upwards of 25 miles and go as fast as 16 miles per hour. The large easy-to-read LED display shows all relevant information including:

  • Rate of speed
  • Drive mode
  • Battery life
  • Additional details

The EA10 even has a cruise control feature activated by pressing and holding the Function button while staying steady at a set speed. You can quickly deactivate the cruise control and take back control by simply twisting the throttle or squeezing the brakes.

The OKAI NEON ES20 Electric Scooter

The OKAI Neon has established a delicate balance between form and function, providing the best of both for riders. Featuring an eye-catching vertical neon hue down the front center, these stand-up scooters make quite the powerful visual impact. The Neon electric scooter can be folded for quick and easy storage. Simply release the locking latch and pull down the handle bars until they are secure in place.

Download the OKAI app for your smartphone and you will be able to alter the Neon’s light modes, colors and brightness. Your selected light bar color symbolizes your unique style, mood and identity while you venture through the streets. These light bars even provide timely visual confirmation when locking, unlocking and charging, regardless of how far you are from the scooter.

Shift your attention to the center of your OKAI Neon electric scooter and you will find a bold LED display with Vintage, Tech and Classic visual themes. Choose the theme preset you prefer through the OKAI app and your Neon electric scooter will be personalized all the more. Though the OKAI Neon isn’t the largest scooter on the market, it is engineered with safety in mind. The Neon features a two-tier responsive braking system that helps you reach a full stop as quickly as possible. Both the rear disc brake and the electronic brake system (EBS) work in unison to provide a smooth yet quick stop.

The 8.5” air filled front provide shock absorption and combined with a concealed suspension along the back, it makes riding the Neon that much more enjoyable for fun-seekers of all ages. If you are worried about riding your Neon after the skies open up, don’t fret. The Neon is equipped with IPX5 protection for water resistance in case of unexpected weather. It’ll give you enough time to get to shelter until the ideal weather for riding is available again.