Holiday Shopping Guide for the OKAI EA10

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is right around the corner.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year celebration present an opportunity to pause, give thanks and buy some niceties for loved ones as well as yourself.  Your sweetie, tween, teen or you will love a new OKAI EA10 seated electric scooter as a Christmas gift.   Don’t settle for visions of sugar plums dancing in your head.  Pick up this sleek new scooter, park it under your tree and it will be the highlight of your Christmas morning.

The OKAI EA10 is revered throughout the electric scooter industry as the first of its kind.  This comfy and stylish new scooter provides a transformative riding experience that will have that special someone in your life ready to turn in the car keys for good. Well…not exactly but it may change their choice of transportation from time to time.

Celebrate the Magic of the OKAI EA10

The EA10 is different from other more traditional scooters, breaking the mold both in terms of design and function.  The EA10 is made to be malleable.  This nifty scooter can be folded into about half its upright size, facilitating easy portability into tight spaces and even beneath desks, saving you space at home and at work.  Simply flip the steering column back upright when it’s time to embark on another journey and your EA10 will be ready to go in a moment’s notice.E

The High-Tech Gift Everyone is Sure to Enjoy

The EA10 is designed by experienced industry engineers and it will empower you to control all aspects of the riding experience.  The EA10’s smart app access makes it easy to control every element of the ride in one easily accessible location.  Simply download the OKAI app to your iOS or Android smart device and you’ll be able to instantaneously access the EA10’s updates, battery health, settings, ride status, and more with just a few taps.

Explore the Roads This Holiday Season

Give the EA10 to a family member, a significant other, a friend or another special someone this Christmas and you will give the gift of exploration. The EA10 is expertly designed to illuminate the riding journey, providing powerful illumination through a headlight that makes it easy to see everything ahead of you early in the morning, late at night and in the hours in between.  

The EA10 also features a taillight for illumination along the rear, complete with integrated brake lights that make rides atop the scooter as safe as can be as you ride and explore.  Safety-conscious riders will also be comforted by the EA10’s front and back wheel drum brakes combined with front electronic braking system for maximum stopping power.  The EA10 is as responsive as it gets when the brakes are applied, ensuring a timely and consistent stop. The EA10’s braking system is highlighted by its regenerative component that restores energy in the battery to bolster the scooter’s energy efficiency all the more for a longer and more enjoyable riding experience.

Give the Gift of Smooth Scooter Cruising

Riding a EA10 scooter is easy and even easier thanks to its cruise control capability.  All you have to do to activate the EA10’s cruise function is press and hold the Function button for a couple seconds while engaging the throttle.  Activate cruise control as you traverse the streets and you’ll find the EA10 riding experience is as comforting and rewarding as it gets.  You can instantaneously transition right back to the regular controls by simply twisting the throttle or squeezing the brake levers.  

The EA10 riding experience is taken to another level with the use of three specialized riding modes carefully engineered to ensure EA10 owners get the most out of their jaunts around town.  Opt for the Sport ride mode and you’ll take the scooter’s speed, acceleration and power to the max.  

Choose the standard mode and the scooter’s balance and battery performance will be emphasized.  The EA10’s Eco mode is perfect for tight or crowded places, making travel steady and smooth.

Electric Scooter Shops Near Me for the Holidays and Beyond

California and New York residents have easy access to OKAI’s EA10 electric scooter just in time for the holiday season.  New York City-area residents can find the new EA10 in the New York City – Hudson Yards area by venturing over to 20 Hudson Yards or calling (646) 854-4254.  

California residents have several options for buying a chic new EA10.  If you live or work near San Jose – Santana Row, make your way over to 333 Santana Row, Suite 115 or call (408) 915-6362 to score a new OKAI EA10.

The San Francisco – Hayes Valley area has new EA10 available at 590 Hayes St.  You can also learn more about San Francisco’s EA10 inventory by dialing (415) 534-5279.  

If you live, work or visit the Palo Alto area, check out the EA10 inventory at 375 University Ave or dial 650-382-3821 to find out more about how to land a new EA10 for the holidays.