Holiday Shopping Guide for the OKAI Neon

The winter holidays have finally arrived.  This is the perfect time to scoop up a gift for your significant other, your teen/tween or even yourself.  The OKAI Neon is one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season for good reason.  Check out everything the Neon has to offer and you’ll agree it makes for the perfect present under the tree.

Make Christmas all the Merrier With an OKAI Neon Scooter

Pick up a Neon for the holidays and you’ll be shining bright on the roads, sidewalks and beyond.  OKAI’s Neon scooter lights up the road and yourself, providing visual flair that makes riding that much more enjoyable.  The scooter’s lights enhance rider visibility, boosting both form and function.  

The Neon’s distinctive illumination helps prevent accidents, serving as a one-of-a-kind riding experience that you’ll be thinking about long after your journey ends.  Neon’s atomic number is 10 but you’ll turn up even higher when riding this chic scooter.  The Neon’s lighting includes two easily visible light bars that help you stand out on the road, even when the sun is setting, ensuring you stand out amidst traffic.

A Personalized Scooter Perfect for the Holidays

Pairing your Neon scooter with the OKAI app is easy, even if you or the person on your gift list lacks tech common sense.  Simply download the OKAI app on an Android or iOS smartphone and customize your scooter’s lights with a couple of taps.  That’s all there is to it.  

Hop on your customized Neon, show off your festive lights to everyone around town and you’ll spread the holiday cheer all the more.  In addition to selecting your preferred colors of choice, you can also pick your favorite light modes and alter the brightness as desired.  

The Neon’s lighting system even provides rapid visual confirmation from the built-in light bars when charging, locking, and unlocking.  The Neon’s illumination system also provides a convenient visual cue when charging is complete, ensuring you are aware of the full charge even from a considerable distance.

Spread the Holiday Cheer by Lighting up the Roads With Your new Neon

Neon scooters are unique to the point that they make an indelible impression on everyone they pass by.  The Neon’s customizable color combinations infuse light and joy during this special time of the year, lifting the spirit of everyone in the scooter’s vicinity.  

The OKAI Neon features a bold informative display in the center of the handlebars.  This circular LED display makes it easy to transition between Vintage, Tech and Classic visual theme settings.  Choose your preferred lighting, depart on your journey and you’ll have enough power to cover a range upwards of 25 miles.  The Neon is light enough to reach and maintain a speed of 16 miles per hour that helps you surmount hills with an incline of a 20% grade.  The Neon scooter is powered by a 250W motor that peak all the way up to an impressive 500W with 16N.m of torque.

A Reliable Ride Even as the Seasons Change

Hop on the new OKAI Neon, take to the streets and you will find it is up to the task of riding through most of all weather conditions thanks to its 8.5-inch air filled front tire capable of absorbing harsh shocks from undulating roads.  The tubeless tire of the same size in the back is expertly engineered to prevent punctures, ultimately providing you or your holiday gift recipient with the confidence necessary to take to the roads.  The Neon also features a hidden suspension along the back of the scooter to make rides along undulating terrain all the more comfortable.

The Neon even has a specialized IPX5 water resistance rating that provides a truly invaluable peace of mind during unannounced pours.  This protection is the reassurance every rider needs when riding knowing that they won’t be stuck on the road amidst inclement weather during the journey.

Pick up a Neon Just in Time for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to give the gift of the OKAI Neon electric scooter.  You can find OKAI’s new Neon scooter at a store near you.  Scoop up a Neon scooter today and you’ll beat the holiday rush, ensuring that special someone (or yourself) has the industry’s coolest scooter under the tree when Christmas arrives.

If you live in the greater Palo Alto area, you can find the new Neon at 375 University Ave or by dialing

San Francisco – Hayes Valley residents will find the Neon at 590 Hayes St or by dialing (415) 534-5279.  

Those in the San Jose – Santana Row area can spin their wheels on over to 333 Santana Row, Suite 115 or call (408) 915-6362 for more information about OKAI scooters.  

New York City – Hudson Yards residents can score a new Neon or other OKAI scooter at 20 Hudson Yards or by calling (646) 854-4254.