Electric scooters are no longer a thing of the past. Today, they are growing in popularity for the added convenience, environmental and money-saving benefits, and so much more. Additionally, adults are finding perks for hopping on this classic trend. Looking for one too? This is your guide to help you buy an electric scooter.

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OKAI Beetle E-Scooter

Taking a (comfortable) seat at the urban micromobility table
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10 Inch Pneumatic Tires

Smart App Syn Functionality

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OKAI Neon E-Scooter

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Smart App Syn Functionality


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The Okai Electric Scooter is the new kid on the block, and it is a brand-new model of the classic electric vehicle known for its unique style and cool features. Based in China, these adult electric scooters for sale are taking the world by storm.
Although the Okai is not yet a widely known household brand, the manufacturers are not new. Okai has bulk designed such vehicles for more popular brands like Zero by Bird. Finally, they make their debut with high-tech and visually appealing motor vehicles.
One of the most recent models, the EA10A, is a versatile option for adults on the go. It is a lightweight scooter that can fold and pack in the trunk. This model is best for leisure as the speed reaches 15 miles per hour. It is not fast enough to use in traffic and lacks the breaks required for a pedestrian trail. Nonetheless, the cheap electric scooter is a stylish cross between the classic bike and moped.

Benefits of E-Scooters

  1. Convenient. Electric scooters provide ease in your daily lifestyle. Users will not have to worry about finding a parking spot or stopping for gas. With the e-scooter, you simply take it out and go immediately.
  2. Environment-friendly. Save air quality, especially in big cities where pollution is a problem. Additionally, certain health risks related to the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems are decreased.
  3. Easy to fix. Electric scooters are simple to fix and do not require a mechanic or professional, significantly decreasing the average cost of cars.
  4. Zero wait time. With a scooter, you no longer have to wait in traffic, look for a parking spot, or stop for gas. Simply pack and go!
  5. Maintenance-free. Unlike cars, most scooters do not require bringing repairs to the vehicle electric scooter shop.
  6. Great for leisure. Riding a custom scooter does not always mean getting from one location to the next. Adult scooters are an excellent option for groups. In large cities, they are great for sightseeing and touring.
  7. Less strain on muscles. Such vehicles allow users to ride without using their legs for forwarding motion. Simply charge and go—a great option for those who struggle with sore or achy joints.
  8. Avoid traffic. With an electric device, users can use scooters or biking lanes to skip heavily jammed roads.

Features of Electric Scooters for Sale

  • Mileage capacity. How will you be using the adult scooter? This will help you understand which option is best for you when shopping online. Some models like the Okai only reach 15 miles per hour, whereas some can handle regular traffic. It will also determine how often you will need to stop and charge your device.
  • Comfort. If you foresee yourself using such a vehicle very often for long distances, it is best to find an option that includes the things that will make your ride most comfortable. Be sure to look out for padded features if in-store. Also, include quality suspensions for less bumpy commutes.
  • Wheels. Usually, electric scooters are comprised of aluminum and lightweight alloy hubs. Considering how tall such a vehicle reaches, replacing the standard wheels with higher quality rubber would be a great idea. Also, consider a more durable tire chassis that can handle the weight of how you wish to use it.
  • Commands. While shopping for the best product, consider how comfortable you are with the placement of controls. Where is the horn placed? Does it feel natural? Make sure all of them are fully functional. Take a look at the lights and how luminescent they appear. It will help determine how safe it is to ride.

Buy Electric Scooter at Okai

Scooters have come a long way. They are not only for young children, and now adults can share in the fun too! If you are looking to buy an electric scooter, Okai is the perfect brand to find your pick. Whether you are looking for a fun joyride around town or a convenient commuter, there are options for you. The best part about it is, you will not be required to ride with a driver's license. It makes the Okai electric scooters for sale great for all ages (not only children).