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OKAI Neon E-Scooter

Brighten Your Night The ES20 Neon has been designed to imbue your scooter adventures with a sense of play and fun, while making you highly visible on your evening journeys, with two customizable light bars. A new approach to lighting your way isn’t all that the Neon offers the responsible rider, however. The Neon arrives packed with a two-tier braking system, a front 8.5-inch shock-absorbent air filled tire, a rear 8.5-inch puncture proof tubeless tire, a bright LED headlight and taillight, and an IPX5 water-resistance rating to navigating through adverse moisture conditions. Helmet sold separately.

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OKAI EA10 E-Scooter

The Perfect Journey The EA10 EA10 comes fully equipped with the latest and greatest in micromobility technology without sacrificing the riding performance or ease of storage associated with prior models. The sleek new amenities include an easy-to-use cruise control feature, three riding modes, a body-conforming seat with built-in shock absorbers, a dual-powered braking system, an energy-efficient battery, extended ride durations, a large LED display, and powerful head- and tail-lights to illuminate and improve the safety of your adventures! Helmet sold separately.