Warranty Policy

To safeguard your interests and provide the best service support for your product, in accordance with the relevant national laws and provisions across the three listed guarantees of after-sales services (the “Three-Guarantee Standard for Vehicle Parts”), the specific provisions on warranty policy are as follows:

Detailed clauses

  • Without limitation to your legal rights, the following claims may only be made within a maximum of 1 year following the purchase date of the product.
  • If the product you received has any quality issue, or does not match your actual purchase order and must be returned, you need to provide the corresponding invoice/purchase receipt, and our company will cover the fee for you.

Exceptions to the warranty

In the following cases, the sold product is beyond the scope of our repair services and you will be responsible for any fees for its repair.

  • The sold product is beyond the prescribed service period and scope, per the timelines established in “Three-Guarantee Standard for Vehicle Parts.”
  • The sold product is damaged due to the failure to use, drive, maintain and/or adjust the vehicle correctly according to the user manual.
  • The sold product is damaged due to rain, ice, snow, smoke, chemicals or chemical corrosion.
  • The loss is beyond the warranty scope and the sold product is affected by force majeure (including but not limited to earthquakes, typhoons, fire, flood, social incidents, mass incidents, violent crimes, etc.), which cause failure or damage.
  • You have not normally used and/or maintained the battery or have stored it for more than the maximum storage safety period of three months (the whole vehicle is plugged in and stored for more than one month, and the initial power for separate storage is less than 50% for more than three months). Failure to charge the battery causes under-voltage of the battery feed, which cannot be repaired.
  • You have not repaired the sold product at an officially authorized service location, but refitted, disassembled, repaired, and damaged the entire product as well as normal use of its parts.
  • Your use of non-original accessories has damaged the parts of the product or you have changed the circuitry or wiring configuration without authorization.
  • Product failure and damage caused by human factors such as crashing, overloading, speeding, etc. during your driving.
  • Lack of valid three-guarantee certificates, after-sales service card or product purchase invoice, or the certificate or card number you provide does not match that of the product.
  • You have altered or changed the three-guarantee service date of the product and its parts without authorization.

Three-Guarantee Standard For Vehicle Parts

Item(s)Warrant contentWarranty length
Main engineFrame assembly, wheel hub motor assembly, controller assembly, handle, instrument assembly, straight front rod and charging portOne year
PartsBattery assembly, charger, brake handle and finger-operating throttleSix months
Vulnerable parts of appearanceHandle covers, front fenders, rear fenders, plastic pedals, reflective stickers, parking bracket assembly and rubber plugThree months