Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

We know that the holiday season can be a bit stressful for some people. Buying gifts for your loved ones can be quite tough, especially for those that already have everything they want. But an electric scooter is a novel gift that could really change the way you go about your daily lives.

Just like how NFL Houston Texans' Team Captain Jimmie Ward, who purchased ES30 Neon Pro scooters for the entire secondary defensive team, loves our scooters, we know that you too will love our scooters too.

This season, OKAI is here to lend a hand and offer insights into the scooter you've been eyeing, making you the gift-giving champion like Jimmie Ward, albeit for just a friend or two.


1. Ceetle Pro EA10C

First on our list, is the Ceetle Pro EA10C. Sometimes standing around is just too tiring, so the seat for the Ceetle Pro can help provide a more comfortable ride!

Riding with a seat gives off a completely different kind of riding experience than with standard scooters. It makes your commute that much more relaxing and fun to ride. It's almost like riding a bike. 

Don't forget to add a front basket accessory to hold everything from your grocery runs!

 2. Neon Lite ES10


Next up is the Neon Lite ES10, a scooter with some serious performance. With a 15mph top speed and a range of up to 18 miles, the Neon Lite takes you where you need fast. 

Equipped with pneumatic front tires and solid rear tires, you'll be sure to have a comfy ride free from all the vibrations of the terrain.

For anyone new to the electric scooter space, the Neon Lite is a perfect starter scooter. 

At OKAI, safety is our number one concern, so be sure to remember to wear a helmet, such as our lightweight branded helmet.

3. Neon Pro ES30

Like the previous entry, this quick and silent scooter is also part of the Neon series. Notable for its sleek and stylish design, the Neon Pro will turn your daily commute into an electrifying and thrilling adventure.

With customizable lights and display, the Neon Pro is a statement piece that fits your style. 

If you're looking for speed, the sport mode will allow you to clock in at 20mph. Though be aware, 20mph may not seem like a lot on paper, but it can get scarily fast so be sure to wear a helmet! 

Pair your new Neon scooter with our smart helmet. Using the OKAI app, you can sync the scooter with the helmet and display turn signals directly from the helmet for added visibility!

Please note that the smart helmet is only compatible with the Neon series scooters.

4. ES800 Panther

Finishing off the scooter list is the ES800 Panther. Effortlessly blending aesthetics and performance, the Panther isn't just a looker—it's got all the latest bells and whistles too. A notable feature is the full-color touchscreen display, something most scooters don't have.
As the only true specially built off-road scooter in our lineup, the Panther is a hefty unit, weighing in at 97 lbs. Utilizing dual 1500W motors, the Panther is powerful enough to tackle any rough off-road landscape.
Though the top speed of 35mph is not as high as comparable scooters, the Panther makes up for it with large 12-in tires and heavy-duty suspension allowing the scooter to absorb the dirt roads and rough terrain you might encounter while off-roading. 
As an additional accessory to the Panther, try adding a handlebar storage bag to complement your scooter. Stylish yet practical, the storage bag is lightweight and durable thanks to its hardcase design. Easily carry your essentials like keys, a wallet, or a cell phone. With a mesh pouch lining inside, your items will be snug and secure. Just install the bag to your scooter with the velcro straps and you're good to go!

5. ES40 Stride Commuter

For those that aren't as interested in scooters and instead are looking for something more classic, perhaps the EB40 Stride Commuter electric bicycle is more up your alley.
Built with a step-through design, the Stride e-bike is fast when it needs to be with enough torque to power through busy roads and up steep hills, and great at traveling at a brisk cruising pace for taking in the scenery in the city or a college campus.
With 3 different power settings, the Stride is just adjustable enough to have fun at your own pace pedaling while also having the power to ride and throttle.
Further customize your Stride e-bike with a front-mounted basket or a rear-mounted rack for extra carrying capacity to really make your e-bike a daily rider for all your needs.