Let your passion for micro mobility enable you to reach customers right where you are. We are looking for distributors and retailers who can become the official distributor to a city, region or even a country. We can inform and help you along the way to be successful. 


Our aim is not only to ship you the products, but we also share our market knowledge, continuing in providing what you need through the course of our business relationship.

New Customers

Adding Okai products to your range enhances your reach. Customers are already familiar with the reliable products we provide because our fleet vehicles are available in many cities.

Marketing Support

We are constantly producing engaging content that will help you reach your target audience. You can rely on us for this as well as physical marketing materials for your events.

Technical Help

Our technical team responds quickly and will effectively help your team in understanding the products and how to resolve technical issues quickly to keep you moving fast.


We want to help you to be an effective retailer, so we work closely with you to develop a profitable pricing plan to help you to make money and to grow your business over time.

Want to Become A Dealer

Send us a message and a member from our team will help you.

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