OKAI FAQs Answered

To safeguard your interests and provide the best service support for your product, in accordance with the relevant national laws and provisions across the three listed guarantees of after-sales services (the "Three-Guarantee Standard for Vehicle Parts"), the specific provisions on warranty policy only covers defects in materials and manufacturing and are as follows:

  1. The Main Engine which warrants the frame assembly, wheel hub motor assembly, controller assembly, handle, instrument assembly, straight front rod and charging ports has a warranty length of 1 year.
  2. The Parts of your OKAI Vehicle which consist of the battery assembly, charger, brake handles, and finger-operating throttle have a 6-month warranty.
  3. The Vulnerable Parts of Appearance which consist of the handle covers, front fenders, rear fenders, plastic pedals, reflective stickers, parking bracket assembly and rubber plus have a 3-month warranty.

Please go to the warranty page for a more detailed warranty policy.

Traveling with your electric scooter depends on the regulations of the transportation carrier and local laws governing personal mobility devices. Consult your transport providers about the guidelines for bringing your electric scooter on board, particularly in regard to the following:

  • Battery type and size
  • Baggage size limit for e-scooters
  • Method of packing your e-scooter

OKAI electric scooters are legally allowed to be used in certain countries like the U.S. For a select few other countries like Germany, our scooters comply with regulations and you are legally permitted to ride them on the road.

Please kindly follow these instructions to get your problem fixed:

  • Go to our maintenance page.
  • Choose the issue as “Warranty Maintenance” if your product is still in the warranty period or “Non-Warranty Maintenance” if the warranty has expired.
  • Fulfill your purchase information and product information.
  • Submit the form.

After submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Please kindly give us some time to verify the information and track all the issues. Our support team will contact you ASAP.

vehicle order:

  • Go to our refund page.
  • Choose the issue as “14-Day Return and Refund.”
  • Fulfill your purchase information and product information.
  • Submit the form.

After submission, we will email you confirmation that we have received your message. Please kindly give us some time to verify the information you provide and track all the issues. Our support team will contact you ASAP.

All OKAI scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries that need to be recharged. The charging time is dependent on the electric scooter model. The standard charging time for a standard battery ranges between 2 to 4 hours for a full charge.

OKAI electric scooters are waterproof to some degree, and vary from model to model. We advise against immersing your scooter in water.

The maximum weight permitted to ride an OKAI varies depending on the model. Kindly read your OKAI user manual which states the maximum load for your personal transporter.

OKAI electric scooters are as safe as riding a bike. Our scooters are made of high-quality materials, including aircraft-grade alloy, and are designed to be weather-resistant. We advise our users to practice all safety precautions as they would with any physical activity.

You have not normally used and/or maintained the battery, and/or stored it for more than the maximum storage safety period of three months (the whole vehicle is plugged in and stored for more than one month, and the initial power for separate storage is less than 50% for more than three months). Failure to charge the battery properly causes under voltage of the battery feed, which cannot be repaired.

On average, electric scooter batteries will last between 3 to 5 years, or 400 to 500 charge cycles. This lifespan is determined by a number of factors, such as how often and how fast the vehicle is ridden. Proactive maintenance can help to extend your battery’s lifespan, such as storing it in a cool place out of sunlight, and not letting the battery go unused for long periods of time.

Yes. Although each city and state differ regarding helmet laws and electric scooters, we strongly encourage ALL riders to wear a helmet.

Yes, by integrating research, development, production, and supply chain capabilities, OKAI is empowering electric scooter-sharing companies around the globe and empowering people everywhere to move across their cities, campuses, and communities in ways that are safe, simple, and fun.

OKAI is a multinational team with more than 17 years of micro-mobility experience. We address the “first & last mile” problem with high-quality, high-performance electric vehicles that redefine the present and future of transportation. OKAI is here to leave an impact, not a carbon footprint.


Common questions about shipping, delivery, and courier services.

Shipping is free for Amazon purchases. Please consult OKAI authorized dealers and BestBuy for shipping costs when purchasing products from them and our OKAI website offers discount for shipping from time to time.

No. Shipment times vary for different customer locations. You may track your shipment on the carrier website for estimated delivery date once you receive the tracking number. Please note delivery exceptions may occur when there are issues with holidays, severe weather conditions, failed delivery attempts and more. In exceptional cases, this may result in different delivery dates. OKAI does not guarantee any delivery time line.

When you receive your delivery, please immediately check for external damage. You must report any damage to the shipping company within 24 hours of receipt. The shipping company will issue you with confirmation of your damage report. If you purchase from an OKAI authorized dealer, please contact the dealer or OKAI Customer Support at support.us@okai.co.

Sorry, generally OKAI does not provide an overnight delivery service. For more details, please contact OKAI authorized dealer, Amazon or BestBuy.

There are two ways in which you can track your order:

OKAI authorized dealers

Contact dealer to confirm the status of orders and logistics.

Amazon, BestBuy

  1. Please check the order status and logistics status on Amazon or BestBuy.
  2. You can also contact our dedicated customer support team at support.us@okai.co to check on your order status.

If you bought from OKAI authorized dealers, please contact them for confirmation.

If you buy from Amazon or BestBuy, please contact Amazon or BestBuy Customer Service or OKAI Customer Support team.