Let your passion for micro mobility enable you to reach customers right where you are. We are looking for distributors and retailers who can become the official distributor to a city, region or even a country. We can inform and help you along the way to be successful. 

Find A Dealer

Test ride an OKAI ebike or escooter at any of our Elite Dealers across the United States and Canada. Our network of Elite electric bike dealers offers the widest selection of OKAI ebikes and escooters and the highest level of customer care. To view our selection of dealers nearest you, search by City, Zip, or County below.

No Dealers Near You?

Shop online and have your e-bike or e-scooter delivered to your home or workplace.

Why Choose an Elite Dealer?

OKAI's network of elite dealers offers customers a more personalized experience when shopping for OKAI products. Shopping through a dealer provides customers with the benefit of seeing and test riding multiple OKAI products in one place and ultimately finding the right fit with the guidance of an experienced professional.

Personalized Service

Our elite dealers are trained experts who can help by understanding your needs and guide you towards the perfect ebike or escooter, along with answering any questions you may have.

Excellence in Care

Be confident riding your OKAI vehicle knowing that it has been expertly assembled and tuned by professionals. If you ever need further maintenance or should a problem arise, you can always count on your local OKAI Elite Dealer to help.

Want to Become A Dealer

Send us a message and a member from our team will help you.

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