The Perfect Seat Height On OKAI Electric Bikes
With the massive support from the Bafang Hub Motor, many of us forget to think about our own input. Getting your saddle height spot on is a free way to get more out of your ebike and the outcomes are so extraordinarily beneficial that it’s just crazy to think that we might have been getting it wrong for so long.
Debunking the Myths Around Micro Mobility Without Micro Chips

As the entire world begins to breathe a mild sigh of relief due to worldwide COVID vaccinations, global markets are still reeling from the repercussions of more than a year of remote work. With more time spent at home, consumers stocked up on laptops, home appliances, smartphones and gaming consoles. In fact, people also ended up buying more cars than industry officials expected. The unprecedented demand for these products and reduced output has led to a worldwide shortage of one common component:  Semiconductors. Also known as Micro Chips!

Analyzing the OKAI EB50 E-Bike
Okai is an international electric mobility company which, until recently, focused mainly on budget-friendly electric kick scooters. With electric bicycles increasing in popularity rapidly than ever before, there was no better time than now for Okai to come up with its own utilitarian, all-terrain electric bike that was built to a budget. Enter the Okai EB50.
OKAI Launches First Consumer e-Bike with a Bang
Massive electric two-wheeler manufacturer OKAI has just launched its first consumer-oriented electric bicycle, the OKAI Stride. And for a first consumer e-bike, it comes with surprisingly nice performance specs like an industry-leading speed of 28 mph (45 km/h).
CES ebikes: OKAI EB20 is an ebike for tech lovers – and there's a matching Smart Backpack with UV sterilizing chamber too
The Consumer Electronics Show – or CES to its friends – started out as what it sounds like: a show about consumer electronics. Nowadays, however, it's also one of the world's biggest car shows, with all manner of glorious EVs to lust after, whilst secretly worrying about their range. What we haven't seen much of at the show this year – or indeed any other year – are many bicycles. However, OKAI has this highly impressive carbon fiber ebike to show off: the OKAI EB20.
OKAI Launches Neon Electric Scooter and Black Friday, Cyber Monday Mega Deals
OKAI Launches Neon Electric Scooter: Street Smart, Customizable Mobility. Limited Time Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mega Deals for OKAI Neon ES20 and OKAI EA10. OKAI, a global leader in light electric vehicles, today announced the launch of the OKAI...