Biking for a Healthier Heart

Biking for a Healthier Heart

February is American Heart Month, and a healthy heart is important to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Every year hundreds of thousands of people die from heart disease, many of which are easily preventable. With the right knowledge, you can avoid becoming a statistic. 

There are many ways to prevent heart disease, such as eating a good healthy diet, but one of the easier ways to maintain a healthy heart is to get moving and exercise! Establish a routine and with activities like biking, something that the whole family can participate in and stay healthy together. Biking can get your heart pumping in minutes with minimal impact on your joints.

Biking also strengthens your heart muscles and can lower blood fat levels and resting pulse, which helps to have a more efficient heart function further reducing the risk of cardiac events like heart attack.

EB50 Ranger

For thrill seekers who want a little something more than a serene bike ride exercise, try a rugged bicycle like the EB50 Ranger and crest mountains and hills. Sporting a powerful 1000W peak motor and 26" x 4" fat tires, the Ranger will journey together with you to a healthier heart.

Best Trails to Go Biking for Excellent Views

Unsure of where to go with your bike? Here are a few great trails to take your bike on.

San Gabriel Bike Path

San Gabriel River Bike Trail

Running alongside the San Gabriel River, the bike trail is completely paved and the majority of it is flat, making it an easy route for all ages, and suitable for most bicycles. 

Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path

If you're looking for a beautiful ride along the sandy shores, try the Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path. Start in the Shoreline Village and finish your ride in the Alamitos Bay. With palm trees lining the path and the crashing waves, this trail will get your heart pumping in more ways than one.

Santiago Truck Trail Loop

Warning, this route is a difficult path more suited for advanced riders seeking thrills. A perfect route for the EB50 Ranger, the Santiago Truck Trail loop has you biking in a forest setting with treacherous twists and turns that may scare beginner riders. At an elevation of 1,364 ft and a 7.4 mi length, the trail is fairly challenging to complete, but the endorphins will be plenty!

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