Analyzing the OKAI EB50 E-Bike

Analyzing the OKAI EB50 E-Bike

This all-terrain e-bike packs a 750-watt punch.

Okai is an international electric mobility company which, until recently, focused mainly on budget-friendly electric kick scooters. With electric bicycles increasing in popularity rapidly than ever before, there was no better time than now for Okai to come up with its own utilitarian, all-terrain electric bike that was built to a budget. Enter the Okai EB50.

At a glance, the Okai EB50 may be mistaken as an electric mountain bike. However, it's way too heavy and way too powerful to be considered as such. Instead, it's more of an off-road capable recreational cruiser. You see, it's equipped with a BAFANG motor with a nominal output of 750 watts, and a peak output of 1,000 watts. With an output that's more than double, or even triple that of conventional e-bikes, you may be wondering just what you'll be needing this much power for, especially given that the bike's top speed must be limited to 25 miles per hour to conform with e-bike regulations.

Well, this much grunt comes in handy when it comes to tackling steep climbs, and that's something the Okai EB50 is good at. It's particularly useful for hauling cargo, too. With a payload capacity of up to 150 kilograms, the Okai EB50 puts some full-size scooters to shame in terms of how much it can carry. While the images don't display any luggage racks or accessories installed, I wouldn't be surprised if Okai will soon be releasing a bunch of optional add-ons for this bike meant to fill that purpose.

As for range, the Okai EB50 makes use of a battery pack that's integrated into the bike's downtube. The Samsung-sourced power unit is claimed to provide around 45 miles of range on a single charge—not bad, but not great, either. It's clear that Okai intended for the EB50 to be a recreational vehicle, as the advert shows the dude loading it up on his pickup truck and taking it to the countryside before hopping on the bike and exploring the area. Regardless, should you wish to use the Okai EB50 as your daily commuter to work or school, I'm sure it'll be able to do it without a hitch. Oh, and its $2,000 price tag isn't too shabby, either.

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