California Rebates

California Rebates

California Statewide: The California Bicycle Coalition recently received a $10 million grant to create California’s E-Bike Affordability Program. CalBike is working with the California Air Resources Board and expects the program to help 10,000 Californians purchase e-bikes starting in late 2022. 

Central Coast (Monterey, San Benito & Santa Cruz counties, and parts of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara counties): Central Coast Community Energy customers can receive a 50% rebate up to $500 for purchasing an electric bike, and 75% up to $1000 for low income residents through The Electrify Your Ride Resident Program. You must purchase your e-bike by Nov. 15, 2022 and complete an online application to receive this incentive. 

Contra Costa County: Buy a new e-bike and apply for up to $300-worth of savings through this program funded by the Bay Area Air Quality Management & Contra Costa Transportation Authority. This rebate applies to Class 1, 2 and 3 e-bikes and is based upon your household income. Be sure to apply within six months of purchasing your new e-bike to take full advantage of this rebate!

Heldsburg: The city provides a rebate of $50-$700 on qualified e-bike purchases to Heldsburg Electric customers. The customer must intend to replace some of their car miles with e-bike miles in order to qualify. Be sure to apply within 12 months of purchasing your new e-bike to take advantage of this rebate! 

Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties: The Replace Your Ride incentive allows residents to trade in their car for a cleaner alternative, like an e-bike, and receive up to $9,500 to cover the cost of purchase. Residents must meet income criteria and their vehicle must qualify to be replaced. 

Monterey: The Monterey Bay e-Bike Incentive Program is for low-income residents of Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties. Eligible applicants can receive a post-purchase rebate of $500-$1,000. Applicants must purchase an e-bike from a local qualified store and apply to be considered. 

Oakland: The Electric Bike Lending Library is set to kick off in late 2022 providing 500 e-bikes for long or short term rental at a low cost to low income Oakland residents. More information will be coming later this month. 

San Diego: The Pedal Ahead Program loans electric bikes to qualified applicants until they complete the program within two years. Participants must ride at least 1,800 miles per year or 150 miles per month, tracking their mileage on Strava and obtain bike insurance. After they meet these milestones, they are given the e-bike for free. If they do not meet the mileage, the participants are offered the e-bike at a prorated discount. 

Santa Barbara: The EZBike Project allows locals to loan an e-bike to incentivize more residents to incorporate biking into their lifestyles. Participants must be Santa Barbara residents and be 16 years or older. Reservations are required and open every month.

Santa Clara: Silicon Valley Power offers e-bike rebates around 10% of the pre-tax cost of an e-bike and offers additional money for income-qualified applicants. In order to receive this rebate, you must be a Silicon Valley Power customer and submit an application within 60 days of purchasing an e-bike.

Santa Cruz: The GO Santa Cruz E-Bike Rebate program offers $800 to low-income qualified residents and $400 to non-low income residents. You must first apply to the program, watch the Bike Safety Training video and complete a quiz & survey. After that, you’ll receive a rebate voucher via email to be redeemed at participating electric bike stores. 

San Francisco Bay Area: Clean Cars for All gives low income residents of the Bay Area $7,500 to turn in old, polluting cars and replace them with an e-bike or other electric vehicle. The grant also includes the cost of accessories such as a helmet, bike lock, horn and more! Plus, multiple members of the same household can purchase additional e-bikes until they reach the $7,500 threshold. Residents must live in a qualifying zip code, have an income at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty Line, and complete an application to be awarded this grant.

San Gabriel Valley: Activate SGV along with the local city council are in the process of creating a lending library of cargo e-bikes and all-purpose e-bikes later this year. 

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