Colorado Rebates

Colorado Rebates

Colorado Statewide: The Colorado Legislature recently passed Air Quality Improvement Investments designating $12 million to local governments, tribal governments and nonprofits who wish to start electric bike sharing or ownership programs. This bill also includes e-bike rebates for low to moderate income families. 

Avon: Get up to $200 when you purchase a new e-bike valued at $1,000 or more! And if you purchase a used e-bike you can receive a rebate of up to $100. Avon residents must use the e-bike to replace car trips and apply for this rebate within 180 days of purchasing an e-bike. 

Boulder: Set to end in late August 2022, the Community Cycles E-Bike Program is a two-year loan to own program for Boulder County workers. Workers must be essential employees looking to use their e-bikes to commute to work, and as their main vehicle. A $250 fee must be paid in full to receive an e-bike and participants must share riding data via app with Community Cycles Staff. After two years of participation, the e-bike is yours to keep. 

Denver: Save up to $1,700 on an e-bike purchase when you apply for this rebate through the City of Denver. E-bikes must be purchased new through a participating local bike shop. An additional $500 is given for those purchasing a cargo e-bike. 

The City of Denver additionally offers 30 e-bikes for rent in select low-income neighborhoods. Residents can check out an e-bike for their personal needs and return it at three different locations. 

Edwards: Residents looking to replace their commutes to work with an e-bike , and other car trips with an electric bike, can receive a rebate of up to $200. The cost of the e-bike must be more than $500 in order to qualify. Be sure to apply within 6 months of purchasing a new e-bike to take advantage of this rebate! 

Glenwood Springs, Eagle, Pitkin, Garfield, Mesa, and Gunnison Counties: Locals looking to offset their car miles with e-bike miles can get a rebate of $50 when they purchase a new electric bike for commuting to work or running errands. To qualify, applicants must be a Holy Cross Energy customer and the rebate is limited to 2 e-bikes per household. 

Granby: Mountain Parks Electric gives members rebates up to 25% of the cost of the e-bike (no more than $150) when you email them a receipt of purchase. Be sure to submit the receipt within 90 days of purchasing your e-bike. 

Gunnison: Members of the Gunnisson County Electric Association are eligible for post-purchase rebates on their e-bike up to 25% of the cost, capping out at $150. Simply apply through their website with a copy of your e-bike receipt. 

La Plata, Archuleta & Nearby: The La Plata Electric Association offers $300 e-bike rebates to members who purchased an e-bike within the last 90 days. The rebate will not exceed 25% of the cost of the e-bike and members must apply to receive the rebate.