OKAI Riders Educational Guide: Battery Care

Important information on how to care for your battery and optimize your range.  Electric scooters can be an absolute joy to ride, but the rush of adrenaline you experience can drain precious energy from the battery.  To maximize your battery’s state of charge as much as possible and to promote long-term battery health, here are some best practices for driving, charging, and maintaining your e-scooter to maximize its range.

Understand Electric Scooter Laws: A Guide

Since the classification of Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) is relatively new, many countries have yet to pass e-scooter specific regulations.  In fact a large majority of countries are regulating e-scooter usage by allotting them the same liberties as bicycles. For instance limiting their usage to bike lanes or roadways and prohibiting them from sidewalks. Other countries, like the UK, have banned them outright and give the strictest of provisions.

Electric Bike and Scooter Laws By State
Electric scooters are a fast growing comity and becoming a common site to see on the streets in the United States.   While the UK and Asia have long since been pushing the more economic first to last mile ride of electric bikes and electric scooters, the US is just starting to grow in popularity.