CES 2024 Recap

CES 2024 Recap

CES 2024 is now over! Not only were we surrounded by tons of top tier technological innovations, but we also introduced many new products of our own! 
For those that couldn't make it to CES this year, we've got a little rundown so you can keep up-to-date with us.
This year we showcased six brand new products: ES51 Zippy, ES800 Panther, ES40, EB60 Traverse, EB70, and EB80.
OKAI Zippy ES51 - MSRP: $329.99 - Available now

Designed to be lightweight and affordable, the OKAI Zippy has integrated dual brakes to maximize safety. Given its 15.5 mile range and 15mph top speed, the OKAI Zippy is budget-friendly and reliable enough for a first-time rider. 
OKAI Panther ES800 - MSRP: $2499.99 - Launch in March 2024

Boasting large 12-inch off-road vacuum fat tires, the OKAI Panther is a beast both on and off the roads with 37.3 mph top speed. Equipped with front suspensions and rear shock absorbers, the OKAI Panther can surmount any obstacle while providing superior comfort and stability. It also comes with a swappable battery design for easy replacements. Pre-order will start in late February. Stay tuned.
ES40 - Launch in June 2024

Experience a remarkable range of up to 43.5 miles on a single charge, ensuring extended journeys without interruptions. With top speed of 24 mph, the front hydraulic suspension and adjustable rear shock absorber will keep your journey smooth and comfortable no matter what terrain. Integrated bright turning-signal on both end of handlebar is a safety feature. 
OKAI Traverse EB60 - Launch in April 2024
The EB60 (along with the EB70 and EB80) is the only e-bike of its type to have a customizable lighting bar for enhanced safety by heightening visibility in various riding conditions along with its minimalism design. Additionally, the EB60 comes equipped with a torque sensor for a natural pedaling sensation.
EB70 - Launch in April 2024

With three different start options (OKAI app, power button, or NFC card) the EB70 is a versatile e-cargo bike that has the ability to mount cargo accessory add-ons for those journeys where you just need to haul some goods with you. 
EB80 - Launch TBD

A cool feature the EB80 has is that a smartphone can be mounted and used as the e-bike’s display, along with charging capability so your phone doesn’t run out of battery from always being on. With a max power of 700W, the EB80 has enough power to go anywhere, which is why it also has a reserved space for an AirTag, just in case you get lost.
We were also featured on a few YouTube channels, such as Micromobility Industries' coverage of CES 2024. Check them out below to see more in-depth details of our products!
"This is not your typical kids electric scooter; the Panther has dual motors, can reach speeds up to 37 mph, and can climb hills with up to a 35% grade" - AppMyHome

Stride Commuter EB40 Electric Bike
Regular price $1,599.99 Sale price$999.99 Save $600.00
Neon Pro ES30 Electric Kick-Scooter
Regular price $849.99 Sale price$799.99 Save $50.00

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